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Benefits of attending B2BCon, Dec 16

There’s something for everyone at B2BCon – from VC’s and angel investors to IT Directors, potential end-users clients and marketers. Whether you’re looking to invest in innovation or tap into new trends, B2BCon puts you face-to-face with the people driving the future of B2B innovation in Asia.

B2BCon for Functional Heads

B2BCon puts new solutions and software in your sights. That’s because B2BCon attracts enterprise startups businesses and entrepreneurs looking for potential customers from leading MNCs, manufacturing, retailing or services companies. Whether you’re looking for the latest HR tools, or best-of-breed supply chain solutions, B2BCon gives you a qualified pool of enterprise solutions to pick from.

B2BCon for Tech Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs come to B2BCon to get a jump on the B2B and enterprise trends – and network with some of the most influential innovators and decision makers from around the world. There’s no better place for getting a clear view of where to steer your company. From panels to demos and extensive networking, B2BCon gives the right mix of insight, information and opportunities in just one day.

B2BCon for Investors

B2BCon connects VCs, PEs and angel investors with the opportunity to meet and hear from some of the most successful B2B and enterprise startups in Asia. Dozen of companies will launch at B2BCon from all over Asia, giving you the chance to spot the best startup for possible investment and to gain insight about the latest emerging trends and developments.