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Étienne Garbugli

Author, Lean B2B Book

Étienne Garbugli

Author, Lean B2B Book


Étienne works at the intersection of Tech, Product Design and Marketing. He is a 2-time Startup Founder, a recognized Usability and UX expert and a Marketer at heart. He gets Lean, Agile, Customer Development and specialize in B2B.

Étienne is a world-traveller and opportunity-seeker. He loves connecting with passionate entrepreneurs and am always looking for learning opportunities and problems worth solving.

Étienne grew up around Montreal, Canada. Studied communications and Marketing. He built his first Website in 1998; it was a Geocities bass tablature Website. He founded 4 businesses (including 2 Tech Startups). He has over 10 years of experience in UX / Usability with highlights working as lead on a $40 million flight reservation system for Aeroplan and joining ThoughtWorks in Beijing, China.

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Top Trends in B2B & Enterprise SaaS
By 2018, the global market for enterprise SaaS will reach $50B in revenue. Consumerization, mobile, empowerment of the user buyer, enterprise joint ventures; learn what it takes to avoid disruption, stay on top of the game and create new market opportunities in a changing world.