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Topics covered at B2BCon

Gain in depth knowledge on cutting edge trends in B2B, enterprise and SaaS.



B2BCon attendees will learn directly from their peers how to manage growth from the C-Level, marketing, sales, business development, operations and customer perspectives.
Topics include but are not limited to:

– Building the Enterprise SaaS Startup
– Reinventing the Enterprise Software Business Model
– Why SaaS is a disruptive force in enterprise software market?
– Creating Productive Partnerships: Risk, Reward, and Long-Term Results 

– B2B Valuations, Acquisition and Expansion Strategies
– Venture Capital Perspectives: Top Trends to Watch in B2B
– SaaS – New Target for VC Investing 

– What are the key technologies in B2B and Enterprise SaaS?
– Mobile Apps and Strategies for B2B/Enterprise Ventures
– How mobile, social, cloud trends play into B2B models? 

Market entry
– Why we care about B2B, enteprise SaaS and what is its market potential in Asia?
– What is the biggest market for B2B in Asia? China, India, Indonesia?
– How is B2B and enterprise SaaS market in Asia different from that in US?
– Who Controls the Enterprise SaaS Budget in Asia?

Monetization & Sales
– Enterprise 2.0: Freemium first, enterprise second
– Selling & Marketing SaaS To The Enterprise
– B2B Lead Generation: Feeding the Funnel
– B2B SaaS Pricing Decision

Customer Service
– Role of Customer Engagement in Cloud and SaaS Models
– Tips to Improve B2B Customer Service 

– Top Trends in B2B & Enterprise SaaS Marketing
– Most Effective B2BContent Marketing Strategies
– Creative B2B Branding & Content Marketing
– Implementing B2B Inbound Marketing Techniques 

Social Media
– How social is B2B? The state of B2B Social media in 2015
– LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation: Why, When & How
– How B2B Businesses Can Use Instagram 

– Top Trends for B2B Users Design & Experience

For the 2015 edition, we are looking for speakers and panelists. Indicate what makes you relevant in the B2B or enterprise space. If you are a startup founder, share some metrics that tell us how successful you are (number of users or current revenue). What stories from your startup would you like to share that are both insightful and fun?

B2B entrepreneurs interested in lending thought leadership and great advices to developing a knockout conference program should contact us NOW!