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Who attend B2BCon

Entrepreneurs & startup

– Early stage B2B or enterprise startups seeking funding and mentors
– Middle stage startups seeking to grow in Asia and strategic investors
– Small business owners interested in technology
– Past entrepreneurs looking to develop a new B2B startup
– Web based business applications, services or products serving SMB and the enterprise
– Aspiring B2B entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs


– Venture Capitalists

– Angel Investors

– Strategic Investors

– Corporate investors

– Investment Banks

– Financial services

– Professional service providers

Top executives from Fortune 500 companies

– CEO & President


– Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers in finance, HR, sales, marketing, supply chain, etc.

– Business Development

Sectors & industries that should attend

Accounting & Finance
Advertising, Sales & Marketing
Asset & Financial Management
Billing, Expense Management and Procurement
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Collaboration & Project Management
Conferencing & Communication
Customer Relationship Management
Data & Document Management
Domain & SEO Services
eCommerce enablement

Education & Training
Email & Messaging
Events & Ticketing
Healthcare & Benefits
HR & Workforce Management
Infrastructure & Hosting
Mobile Commerce enablement
Monitoring & Security

Real Estate
Social Media Marketing
Supply Chain & Logistics 

You will also benefit from B2BCon if you are:
Industry/Trade & B2B Media
Financial services
Law/Legal Services
Public relations
Social Media/Networks
Investors and VCs